Attention All Business Owners Who Think They Want To Sell
Their Business to Finance Their Future…


“Do You Want To Make The Most Money Possible When You Sell Your Business?”

If you’re like most business owners, your answer to the question above is a resounding “YES!” Then pay close attention to this message so you don’t make The 5 Deadly Mistakes That MOST Business Owners Make When Planning Their Exit Strategy!


These Easily Avoidable Oversights Can (AND WILL)
Wipe Out As Much As HALF Of Your Potential Net Worth!

(Tip- Early Adjustments Will Help You Maximize Your Profit When You Exit Your Business)

Being a business owner isn’t easy. Most people have no clue just how hard you’ve worked to build your business. You’ve made countless sacrifices every step of the way. You’ve put in long exhausting hours… you’ve missed out on way too many family events… you’ve probably missed a few of your kid’s soccer games or tennis matches… maybe even a few science fairs or concerts. But in the end, you are hoping that all of the sacrifice you’ve made over the years will be worth it. And as you wind down to the day that you exit your business, you are banking on ending up with the biggest payday of your life when you “cash out.” Unfortunately, statistically speaking, things may not turn out the way you dream they will.

Shockingly, 90% Of All Business Owners
Walk Away From Their Business With

After all of their hard work and sacrifice for years and years, for whatever reason, they wait until their business goes into a downward trajectory, ultimately losing their biggest selling feature… VALUE! Maybe they are tired of working, burnt out, or had some sort of tragedy in their life that took the wind out of their sails. But regardless of what put them in this position, the fact is that 90% of business owners leave their business with nothing to show for all their efforts, zilch.

It doesn’t have to end like that for you.


With that said, I would like to share a story with you…
(Names and specific details have been changed for privacy reasons.)

Susan’s Story:

When Susan’s husband Joe passed away after battling cancer for several years, Susan felt very sad and alone. She had been by his side every step of the way, taking care of him to the bitter end. And even though Susan knew for a long time that Joe was not going to survive his terminal illness, his passing left a gaping void in her heart. This emptiness was quickly filling in with despair, sorrow and hopelessness. Susan knew that she needed to do something with her life before her mind drifted off into the abyss. At that point in her 40’s, against the advice of her friends, family and advisors, Susan decided to start a business.

This was something she had always dreamed of doing. And for Susan, this was exactly what she needed. So she risked everything she had to get her business off the ground. The business gave her life meaning and purpose. Even though Susan will always miss Joe, her business keeps her active and engaged.

Things were going great for many years.

Susan’s business was doing very well. She was making a decent amount of money and living very comfortably.

However, as often times happens in the lifecycle of a business, Susan hit a point where things weren’t going so well. Her business had hit a low point. She was having a hard time finding new customers… Her expenses continued to rise rapidly… and it wasn’t long before she was struggling to even pay her bills.

Susan had fallen behind on her taxes as well as various association fees that were vital for the survival of her business.

But even though her friends, family and advisors continued to tell her that she should close her doors and walkaway from her business, Susan chose a different path. Susan decided that she was going to re-invent her business and put that train back on the tracks (so to speak). But she wasn’t quite sure where to start or what to do.

So Susan sought out someone who could help her. Someone who was an expert in turning struggling businesses around and putting them on a path to prosperity.

In a short period of time, Susan had a new foundation under her business and a new and brighter vision for the future.

With the right guidance, Susan was able to quickly get her finances under control and stabilized. And although she had the misconception that she would lose all of her customers if she raised her prices, it was pointed out to Susan that she was needlessly charging far below her competitors.

With a little market testing, Susan was able to double her prices 3 times over a 6 month period. This totally transformed her life and dramatically changed the current and future value of her business.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With a little guidance, for the first time Susan was able to clearly identify value drivers that she could quickly and easily implement.

So now, instead of looking at a $0 valuation and bankruptcy, she is living her dream and running a growing profitable business. With these subtle but impactful changes to Susan’s business, she is expanding her team, and leading instead of managing the work, so she can take multiple 2-week vacations whenever she wants.

Her legacy is in place. Her future in the business and beyond is secure because, with a little help, Susan was able to create and execute a plan for her business and beyond that was tailored to what she wanted out of life.

Susan is now in her mid 60’s and is enjoying life and spoiling her grandkids more than ever.
So What About You?

Is Your Business Serving You Or
Are You Serving Your Business?

kerri_salls_1_color 204x201 cropped framedMy name is Kerri Salls. I am the Founder and Managing Director of THIS WAY OUT GROUP LLC where we help business owners like you to accelerate growth and maximize the value of your business so you can cash out on your terms to cash in on your reinvention. I have written three books on the topic of maximizing your wealth with an effective business exit strategy. The titles of the books are HARVEST Your Wealth, Don’t Murder Your Business, and How to Manage a Gaggle of Advisors to Build Your All-Star Exit Team.

Susan is one of my many success stories. And like many of my other clients, Susan has a plan in place to sell her business in the next 5 years (perfect timing by the way… I will tell you why in a minute) with the maximum payout possible.

Why?      Because she was able to avoid
These 5 Deadly Mistakes That MOST Business Owners Make When Planning Their Exit Strategy!

Mistake Avoided #1. She realized she was headed down the wrong path. Sadly, most business owners either do not see, choose to ignore, or are simply too burnt out to care about the warning signs that their business is slowly sinking.

Mistake Avoided #2. She was strong enough to admit she didn’t know what to do to fix things. Let’s face it… as a business owner, you have to wear many hats. But sometimes you need an expert to come in to see things that you may not see. Most people don’t get rid of their car just because the engine light comes on… nor do they try to fix it themselves. They take the car to a qualified expert mechanic to get it purring like new again.

Mistake Avoided #3.She was bold enough to find an expert with the experience and expertise to actually help her. Not just a specialist in one silo such as a financial advisor, business broker, attorney or accountant who (all together) may be able to facilitate the sale of a business… but by no means do they specialize in helping you prepare your business so you can get the MAXIMUM amount of money when you do sell it.

Mistake Avoided #4. She was wise enough to realize her business was worth salvaging. Even with all of her friends, family and trusted advisors telling her to just close shop and walk away… Susan knew her business was worth something more than that. She knew that with the right guidance, advice and strategy, she could turn things around and someday in the near future have something of great value… something she could sell… something that would provide her with a major chunk of the nest egg she needed to live comfortably throughout her retirement years. She knew she needed to plan her exit strategy and prepare her business so she could get the most for it when the time came.

Mistake Avoided #5. She Took ACTION! I know you may think this sounds silly… but this is a huge mistake that most business owners make at this point in the game. And quite frankly… everything hinges on that one little word. ACTION! You may have all of the answers smacking you right in the face. But without action, nothing changes. If you do not have it in you to do what is necessary to prep your business for your exit strategy, then you may as well close shop and walk away.

Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy once said:
5% get specialized knowledge and take fast action
and are fast implementers –

[… the winners with money to retire with”]
95% of the population will retire broke.

If you would like to sell your business
to finance your reinvention,
here’s what you need to know RIGHT NOW!

    • Don’t wait! Start planning NOW! If you want to make the most money possible from the sale of your business, it takes time to prepare, implement and optimize your exit strategy. Plus, it takes time to build your all-star exit team. When you try to do this alone, or with your one most trusted advisor, you will leave 30-50% of the value of your business on the table.
    • Right now we are in a Seller’s Market. But it will not last long. Currently, there are 8.1 Million Baby Boomer Business Owners(BBBO) intending to cash out between 2013-2018. That’s a lot of competition. However, that will get compounded when you see that right behind them are another 8.1 Million Baby Boomer Business Owners who are planning on cashing out between 2018-2022. And right after that, there’s ANOTHER 8.1M BBBO behind them 2023-2028!
    • Cost of doing business is going up and value is going down. With the Federal Reserve pumping money in the economy like crazy and manipulating the interest rates for the past 5 years, inflation is inevitably going to explode (diluting the real value you can command for your business).But that’s not all… with the way  Washington politicians are spending money like crazy, and the fact that a wave of 77 million baby boomers are beginning to retire., you know darn well that business owners are going to be hit the hardest. 
    • Hesitating Will Be Costly! If any of the current 8.1M sellers slows down or postpones their exit, they will be competing in a “Buyer’s Market” 2018-2022, WITH the next tranche of another 8.1M BBBO for less dollars, with more competition, increased inflation and higher tax burdens (all resulting in making it harder to walk away with the value you need, and the value you want for your future plans.)

Strike Now While The Iron Is Hot!

Owners are killing their businesses by staying consumed in building an income stream, instead of a wealth-producing asset.

If you plan early, you can exit at your peak, offering your buyer/acquirer an attractive forecast so they will pay a premium (e.g., more multiples of your net profits). If you wait and reap all the success and growth of your business for yourself, you risk selling beyond your business peak, tired, more desperate, with a less attractive opportunity to offer to a potential buyer, who will make a much more modest offer.

Your company is likely 80-90% of your wealth portfolio right now. It is imperative for your future financial security to sell well. You can only do that in an up market, a seller’s market, now.

Here’s A Quick And Easy Way
To Start Planning Your Exit Strategy NOW!

After working with many business owners over the years, I know exactly how difficult it can be to find the time to start a plan for your exit strategy. Business can be quite demanding and your schedule is probably well regimented. With that said, I spent several months putting together a “Do It Yourself” program so busy business owners like you can easily design your exit strategy on your own at your convenience.

I’ve created a simple A-Z Blueprint that is easy to follow and fast to implement.

It’s a Step-by-Step system with straightforward fill in the blank forms and templates. In no time flat you can have a comprehensive plan in place and be on your way to the biggest payday of your life.

In this comprehensive home-study program you will discover:

  • How to transform an income generating business into a wealth-producing machine so you can sell or scale the business on your terms on your timeline.
  • How to accelerate growth, maximize value and make your business both buyer ready and buyer attractive so you can exit/sell/pass on your business when and how you want.
  • How to sell/scale or develop your successor(s)
  • How to pick the right exit option for you.
  • How our proprietary 4 STEP EXIT STRATEGY FRAMEWORK™ can help you streamline your exit whether you want to sell, scale or groom a successor.
  • How to optimize the growth of your business whether you want to sell in three years or thirty years.
  • How to design, execute, and orchestrate an exit strategy that creates wealth.
  • How to guarantee you achieve your ideal exit plan, fulfill your legacy, and leave a dynasty.

And so much more.

My program contains a complete instructional guide that details step by step exactly how to achieve your Exit Strategy Profit Goals in the time frame that works best for you… It’s jam packed with lots of checklists, loads of assessments, tons of tables, choices and timelines that you can easily apply to your specific business.

It comes with 201 pages of easy to follow instructions broken down into bite-size pieces. You also get the Audio Training Set complete with 5 CDs so you can listen in the car making it your university on wheels.

The program even contains your own Plan Creation Workbook. This workbook will help you apply all of these proven Exit Strategy techniques directly to your business situation. The workbook gives you a structure, space and format all in one place to work through the questions, lists, and assessments that you will find in the instructional guide. It will help you assess and highlight the true potential and real value of your business so you can achieve the maximum return on investment.

90% of all business owners procrastinate and wait too
long and never cash out! They simply close the doors and
walk away, often with nothing. Don’t be one of them.

This program will help put you on a path to get the Maximum Profits Possible when you are ready to sell your business.

… you’ll be skipping past all of the pain and frustration that most business owners suffer through by not having a proven exit strategy in place.

See What Others Have To Say…

Cynthia“This program over the past twelve months has been invaluable. This well organized road map for getting my business to the next level is both inspiring and challenging, and, most importantly, it works. With Kerri’s help, I am devoting the time required to working ‘on my business’ rather than ‘in my business’ to meet my goals and objectives.”

Cindy Brandt, CABrandt, CPA, Woburn, MA


gay“Kerri Salls saved my business. A dozen experts and CPAs could not do what she did. I can now sell my business and exit profitably! Thank you seems so inadequate. You are amazing.

Gay Finkelman, Genie Publishing, Sarasota, FL


bilal-aziz“Kerri has been outstanding as a highly skilled, organized and decisive problem-solver who designs and implements business strategies and organizational structures that achieve our desired outcomes… Drawing upon her broad experience in management of high-growth entrepreneurial companies, Kerri continues to provide results oriented strategies to ensure our success.”

Bilal Aziz, Mosaic Int’l, Framingham, MA


kate“Kerri takes the time to actually listen to your current situation, where you want to take your business, and then works with you to help you get there at your speed, your comfort level, and adopt those things that make you feel confident when implementing new ideas.”

Kate McDonough, President, Waterfield Business Centers, Woburn, MA


lou“Kerri is full of great ideas that can be tailored to any business.She excels at finding the best way to implement a variety of techniques to each individual need, while providing a fresh, objective perspective on common problems.”

Lou Genevese, Smudge Graphics, Acton, MA


janet“Kerri, you’ve given me better tools to do what I love to do. All I can keep telling everyone is that going through the [this program] is freeing. It’s so big. It’s so simple and it’s so big. It was far more valuable than I ever expected. I will save more time in the next 30 days from just one tip in the first 4 hours module of this program. That one tip will save me 40 hours/month every month. I love these systems. You helped me with my process in my office and in my whole business. Nobody does this.”

Janet Powers, Womens Toolbox, Reading, MA


hillary“People call her the “Business Accelerator” but I think her specialty is more obstacle mover. She doesn’t move the obstacles for you, rather she gives you the tools so you can get the obstacles out of your own way – even if the biggest obstacle is yourself! I would recommend Kerri to anyone with a growing business positioning themselves for lasting strength and success.”

Hilary Badoian, Boardroom Events, Marathon, FL


raoul“Over the last eight years as an entrepreneur I’ve met numerous business coaches. Kerri Salls is not just a talking head but provides serious advice, helps develop goals and helps measure those goals. She provides a tremendous benefit and above all, helps you become a better CEO.  If you find yourself not meeting all your strategic objectives, call Kerri Salls.”

Raoul Davis, CEO – Ascendant Group, Newark, DE


This incredible program will help you eliminate the risk and bypass all of the pain and frustration that most business owners experience in their quest to “cash-out” of their business.

So here’s the deal… if you’re ready to put your business on the trajectory to maximize your profits when you sell, you need to take action now!

It’s super easy to get started. Once you sign up, we will mail your program to you. You should have it in your hands within 5-7 business days.

So you’re probably wondering what this program will cost… With all of these incredible profit generating, wealth-producing secrets it has to be many thousands of dollars, right?

Well you would be wrong!


Even though I know you will get massive value from the homestudy course.  I’m not going to charge you the thousands of dollars it is worth in savings and value to you …
for 3 key reasons…

Reason #1. I want to make this program accessible to all of you today…

Reason #2. I want to provide you with enormous value. When I give you a ton of value for less money, and you take action, I know you’ll achieve measurable, tangible success

Reason #3. And finally, because I’m giving you instant online access to the bonuses and you are doing the work yourself, my costs are less, and I’d like to pass on the savings to you…

And for these reasons, I’m going to give you complete access to the full homestudy program for HARVEST Your Wealth

and 3 private one-on-one consultations (over the next 3 months)

My comprehensive HARVEST Your Wealth Homestudy program is being offered for only


That’s It!

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If you were to try to figure this out on your own, it could literally cost you Tens of THOUSANDS of dollars, and still you would be rolling the dice, potentially leaving behind 50% (or more) of the profit you should make on the sale of your business.

With my “HARVEST Your Wealth Homestudy ” program, you have everything you need, at your fingertips, to put your business on a glide path to the biggest payday of your life.

But it gets even better…

You Even Get A Risk Free
30 Day “Iron Clad”
100% Money Back Guarantee.

If at any time within the next 30 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just let us know
and we will refund 100% of your money.
No strings attached and No Questions Asked!

Get Started Now…

All you have to do is grab your credit card and click on the “Add To Cart” button below to place your order. The order page is 100% secure. As soon as you complete your transaction, your personal program will be on its way to you. And you’ll get instant access to all the HARVEST Your Wealth Homestudy program Bonuses.

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“Get 5 Incredible Gifts!”

1. A Life Changing ebook called, “Don’t Murder Your Business”

This Declaration is for you if you are the CEO, entrepreneur, or owner of a business that wants to survive, thrive and achieve even more. This message is equally relevant to a cash-poor, bootstrapped, pre-launch business as it is to a profitable enterprise looking to maximize value in preparation for a transition to its exit strategy.

  1. It’s a wakeup call to owners of how we all get so consumed working in the business that we don’t see how we put on blinders and sabotage ourselves.
  2. It spells out the urgency to recognize these blinders in ourselves and do something about them.
  3. It pinpoints 3 crippling reasons you never get to the finish line.
  4. It identifies the 4 major blinders that trip up all owner/CEOs.
  5. It answers the question why do most business owners fail or fold?
  6. It specifies How to Set Goals to Achieve a Successful Exit Strategy.
  7. It acknowledges what gets in the way.
  8. It outlines a 12 point assessment of advisors who may fit your team.

2. Audio interview on

In this revealing and insightful interview, you will discover valuable truths about your business like:

  • What is the true purpose of your business?
  • Are you just trying to make an income or to cover payroll?
  • Are you trying to build something of value?
  • What is the best course of action to get where you want to be?

All of these questions and many others were answered through a spirited conversation. Your ability to Harvest Your Wealth depends on how you have structured your business, a full understanding of your purpose, the steps that you need to take, and what your plans are after you exit the business. We should all realize that unforeseen events can occur and it is a good idea to have a Plan B and possibly a Plan C as well. Any business owner should also be concerned about the many years they may have after they have exited their business. Are you just going to read the Wall Street Journal from cover to cover every day or do you have a more productive and purpose-filled lifestyle in mind?

3. An Amazing ebook called, “How to Manage a GAGGLE of Advisors to Build Your All-Star Exit Team”

In this book you will discover:

  1. The power of resistance and relationship.
  2. How to hold your ground with current advisors.
  3. How to rank every advisor you have and ever hire to ensure a team of all-stars.
  4. How to qualify your advisors.
  5. How to define your sandboxand set expectations.
  6. Is it better to herd your gaggle of advisors yourself or should you hire an exit strategist to coordinate and facilitate your all-star exit team?

4. A Priceless Exit Strategy Checklist.

This thorough and thoughtfully crafted checklist will help you outline exactly what you need to do in the coming years to be able to achieve Maximum Profits when you sell your business. It’s a Must Have for any business owner or CEO. This is the exact checklist I give my private clients to use.


5. A Private Directory of over 240 podcasts from Exit This Way.

Exitthisway 2
Experts, advisors and exiting business owners reveal priceless insights and secrets your advisors never tell you, 20 times more valuable than the program. Each interview is 30 minutes. This is your Master’s Degree in exit planning for your business, right here.

So You Are Getting 5 Absolutely

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So what do you have to lose?

What Are You Waiting For?

90% of all business owners procrastinate and wait too long… and sadly, they never cash out! They walk away with nothing. Don’t be one of them.
Take Action NOW And Begin Preparing For Your Biggest Payday Of Your Life!

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The lessons of my 40 years in business, 26 of them as a successful entrepreneur, are yours — I take you by the hand and walk you through the program step by step.

Achieve Every Goal You Set For Your Business, And Harvest Your Wealth To Achieve The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams, Living Your Legacy Now,

Kerri Salls
Your Value/Growth Exit Strategist

P.S. Remember you have my iron-clad 100% Money back, no questions asked guarantee. The only risk is the risk of not taking action and not putting your business on the path to a maximum profits exit strategy.

P.P.S. Don’t procrastinate! Don’t be one of the 90% of business owners who walk away from their business with NOTHING! You MUST ‘Cash out in order to Cash In’ on the maximum wealth that is hidden in your business. So take action now!

greg-curtis“Kerri Salls helped me connect my values and my ultimate vision to my daily actions! We started with vague notions of success and ended with a specific roadmap to achieve our dreams.”

– Greg Curtis, Curtis Counseling, Woburn, MA